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“Bringing Science to Culture Change”

“That is the way it has been done here for years…” or “Don’t even try, we have tried this before and it doesn’t work here…” Sounds familiar?

These casual and seemingly innocent statements are some of the most common symptoms of a problem with the Culture in an organisation. Not just because they sound and feel negative, but because they reinforce interaction patterns locking people in the same negative cycle. When negative interaction patterns become dominant over time the organisation's Culture suffers.

It is now proven by renowned academics like Prof. M. Losada and Prof. "Sandy" Pentland of MIT that by adapting these negative interaction patterns through mathematically precise actions, Culture in an organisation can be changed with vastly improved performance as a result. The methodology we have developed to control Culture change using interaction patterns is called PIM (PATTERN IDENTIFICATION AND MANAGEMENT)*.

PIM is currently being used by several companies and organisations. Our experience with PIM spans 7 years of hands-on implementation on three continents and a wide variety of industries.

(*)The PIM-methodology is registered by FACTOR+ at the BBIE/OBPI Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under i-Depot Nr.: 021263

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