About us


FACTOR+ is a bvba and operates in a network of like-minded practices and companies across Europe. FACTOR+ was created by Wouter Van Roost.

Wouter, a philosophy graduate, is a native Belgian with a very international career blue-chip companies across various industries. He started his career in the advertising industry where he quickly got a special liking for innovative thinking and strategy development. He was responsible for introducing -and repositioning- major companies and brands such as 3M, Pioneer, Dupont de Nemours and Yakult across Europe.

Wouter got into the High-Tech world and was credited with launching various new concepts, services and products. He then went on to specialize in starting up new ventures, using his strengths in understanding motivation and managing people.

Most recently Wouter was CEO of Handshake Solutions, a new venture within the Philips Technology Incubator in Eindhoven.

Partner Network

Chaos2Work (Eindhoven)

Complex Adaptive Leadership Nick Obolensky