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Try a “PIM Light” measurement on your team and evaluate the interaction patterns.

The Full PIM Audit observes and quantifies interaction-patterns. To determine the nature and strength of these patterns 6 interaction parameters and variables are measured. These are:

  1. Energy-creation (Net P/N Ratio)
  2. Focus (O/S ratio)
  3. Assertiveness (E/A ratio)
  4. Commitment (references to a BEHAG)
  5. Connectivity (Number of positive Nexi)
  6. Flexibility (Number of Adaptor initiatives)

In this “Light” PIM-Audit, just one variable ("Energy-creation") is being measured. Measuring the Energy-creation provides an indicator of the overall performance level of the Group. It allows a prediction to be made about the organisation’s ability to turn around the culture and achieve a high-performance level with the current patterns at work.

The Energy score is also a control variable for the Full-Audit.

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